About Us

BluWave Boat Rental, LLC is an owner operated family boat rental by owner business located in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota area of Florida. We love Florida; the weather, the beaches, the water, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating of course, and in general it is a fantastic place to live and play. Whether you are a native born local, a transplant from up north, a part time “Snowbird” or simply here for a week or so to enjoy our paradise, we welcome any opportunity to provide you with a memorable boating experience!

Bluwave Boat Rental chose the Anna Maria Island area on purpose. We came to FL for years as vacationers before making the move to live here full time. Why here and why boating? People come here for many different reasons and activities but at the end of the day, mostly it is for family or group Fun and Relaxation! What better way or place to escape the world than to get off the beaten path and into a different environment. This is part of Paradise and getting in a boat, if you are experienced, and going out on the water or to a sandbar area all alone or within a group of like-minded folks is a perfect way to do that!

With a nice rental boat, you can go see dolphins and manatees, go on sandbar excursions, fish, swim and snorkel from your own boat. Go to Naked Island (Passage Key) and be nude if you want, lay around Jewfish Key all day, hunt for sand dollars, eat at Mar Vista, Tide Tables, Seafood Shack, Starfish, Swordfish, Drydock, Salt Rock Grill or any number of excellent restaurants.

Be on YOUR timeline, go where you want to be, in the privacy of your own family or group. There are many locations to explore or just kick back, have a cool drink, rest, and relax. Isn’t that why you are on vacation in the first place?

Dedicated to Serving You

We are dedicated to serving our customers and making their time fun, safe, convenient, friendly and simple. We cut no corners and we provide boats that are dependable and in excellent condition every time they are sent out. All safety measures are adhered to and all equipment is in great working order. Details matter to us and we strive to provide our customers outstanding service every time!

Safety is First Importance

BluWave follows all Florida laws regarding USCG regulations, insurance requirements, NASBLA Safety Courses, Livery licensing requirements and FWC safety and registration regulations and policies for your safety and protection.

We will make every effort to answer any and all of your questions thoroughly and in a timely manner, provide any assistance or guidance that we can do credibly. We look forward to our first opportunity to serve you and we certainly look forward to the many times in the future we will get to serve you, your family, and your friends. Happy boating here in Florida!